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Warm welcome to BSSN Private Chapel Education

At BSSN Private and Devotional Chapel, through the Home Fellowship System, our mission is to provide a transformative biblical education that equips readers with knowledge, skills, and spiritual formation. Building Spiritual Support Network is our objective to build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

We are committed to nurturing servant leaders who are rooted in Scripture, guided by the Holy Spirit, and dedicated to embodying Christ’s love in their communities and spheres of influence. Through a blended learning approach and the integration of faith, learning, and practical ministry, we empower readers to engage with the Word of God, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and actively participate in the transformation of individuals, communities, and the world.

By incorporating this mission statement, BSSN Chapel Education emphasizes its dedication to cultivating a community that not only imparts knowledge and skills but also fosters a deep spiritual support network among readers, faculty, and staff. It highlights the shared goal of building the kingdom of heaven on earth through Christ-centred leadership, service, and discipleship.

Private and Devotional Chapel Education

chapel education refers to a personalized and intimate form of instruction in a
spiritual and prophetic setting, often involving individual or small group learning within
the confines of a chapel or sacred space. In the Bible, we see instances of
individuals seeking personal encounters with God and receiving divine
instruction within private settings:


Example: Moses and the Tent of Meeting

Exodus 33:7-11, Moses set up the Tent of Meeting outside the camp, and the Lord
would speak to Moses’ face to face, as one speaks to a friend. This intimate
encounter allowed Moses to receive divine guidance and instruction, shaping his
leadership and relationship with God.

Devotional chapel education involves spiritual instruction, prohesies, worship, and communal prayer within a chapel or sacred space. It is a regular practice of coming together to deepen one’s faith, understanding of Scripture, and personal relationship with God. Devotional chapel education is essential for building a strong spiritual foundation and fostering a sense of community among believers in private and public gatherings:

  1. a) Example: Early Christian Gatherings

In Acts 2:42-47, we see the early Christians devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. They met together in the temple courts and homes, sharing in their faith, supporting one another, and growing in devotion to Christ.

The Importance of Devotional Chapel Education:

  1. Devotional chapel education plays a crucial role in a believer’s spiritual growth and Christian formation. It offers several benefits, including: 
  2. Community Building: Regular chapel gatherings foster a sense of community and belonging among believers, encouraging mutual support and accountability in their faith journey.
  3. Spiritual Nourishment: Through devotional teachings and worship, individuals deepen their understanding of Scripture and develop a closer relationship with God, enabling them to apply biblical principles to their daily lives.
  4. Prayer and Intercession: Chapel education provides an environment for collective prayer and intercession, allowing believers to seek God’s guidance, healing, and transformation together.
  5. Encouragement and Edification: Participants receive encouragement from others’ testimonies and shared experiences, leading to spiritual edification and personal growth.
  6. Cultivation of Worship: Engaging in worship within the chapel setting strengthens one’s connection with God, fostering a heart of praise and adoration. 

The Curriculum - Blended Learning Approach

Introduction to Biblical Studies

  1. Introduction to Biblical Studies

Course Description: An overview of the Bible, its history, structure, and significance.

Blended Learning Components:

Online lectures and video presentations covering the fundamentals of Biblical studies.

Reading assignments from selected textbooks and online resources.

Online discussion forums for students to engage in critical thinking and collaborative learning.

Classroom sessions for in-depth discussions, group activities, and student presentations.

  1. Old Testament Studies

Course Description: A comprehensive study of the Old Testament, including its books, themes, and historical context.

Blended Learning Components:

Interactive online modules with multimedia content, quizzes, and self-assessment exercises.

Online forums for students to discuss their understanding of the Old Testament texts.

In-class lectures for deeper exploration of specific topics and textual analysis.

Research projects requiring students to analyse and interpret Old Testament passages.

II. New Testament Studies

Course Description: An in-depth exploration of the New Testament, focusing on its books, teachings, and relevance.

Blended Learning Components:

Online video lectures by renowned scholars presenting key concepts and interpretations.

Virtual tours of Biblical sites and historical contexts.

Online group projects to analyse and discuss New Testament texts.

Classroom debates and presentations to enhance critical thinking and public speaking skills.

  1. Theology, Doctrine and Revelatory Wisdom

Course Description: A study of Christian theology, doctrines, and the development of theological thought including revelatory wisdom.

Blended Learning Components:

Online modules covering major theological concepts and historical developments.

Virtual discussions and debates on theological topics.

Collaborative online projects to explore various theological perspectives.

Classroom sessions for in-depth analysis and practical applications of theological principles.

  1. Practical Ministry – 12 weeks pilot programme for recording content for MKGR including in-depth analysis on singular prophetic leadership by collaboration and plural rulership.

Course Description: An exploration of practical aspects of ministry, prophetic leadership skills, ethical and plural rulership considerations.

Blended Learning Components:

Online videos and case studies illustrating real-world ministry scenarios.

Virtual simulations and role-playing exercises for practical skill development.

Online reflection journals to encourage self-assessment and personal growth.

Classroom discussions and guest lectures by experienced ministry practitioners.

  1. Integration of Faith and Learning

Course Description: Examining the intersection of faith and various academic disciplines.

Blended Learning Components:

Online modules exploring the integration of faith and specific disciplines.

Online forums for students to discuss and reflect on their faith-based perspectives.

Collaborative projects that demonstrate how faith influences academic disciplines.

Classroom presentations and discussions on faith-based ethical considerations.

III. BSSN Private and Devotional Chapel Education project

Course Description: A culmination of the Reader’s learning journey, applying knowledge and skills in a final spiritual and social project.

Blended Learning Components:

Online guidance and resources for choosing a research topic.

Virtual mentorship and feedback on the project proposal and progress.

Online presentation and Défense of the capstone project.

In-person graduation ceremony to celebrate Reader’s achievements.

This curriculum embraces a blended learning approach as indicated in all our programmes, combining online resources, interactive modules, virtual discussions, and in-person private and devotional sessions to deliver a comprehensive chapel educational experience.

It accommodates different learning styles including incidental and functional learning, encourages active student participation, and leverages educational technology to enhance the learning process. Our curriculum embraces private chapel education and devotional chapel education.

  1. Private Chapel Education:
  2. Devotional Chapel Education:

Criteria for Devotional and Private Chapel Education:

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