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In a global Christian Community, the BSSN Community plays an important role: Find out more.

The Global Christian Community: United in the Heavenly Kingdom Authority and Power.

In a world that is increasingly fractured and divided, the need for a global Christian community living in one accord is more crucial than ever. As believers, we are part of the Body of Christ, a spiritual organism that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. BSSN seeks to explore the significance of the whole Body of Christ being greater than its individual parts, emphasizing the collective Kingdom authority and power that arise when believers unite.

Christianity in the world is currently being threatened by spiritual and doctrinal divisions, particularly among the descendants of Jesus, the Christ and those who worship him.

The Bible contains many spiritually capable, socially aware, and discernment-rich individuals who solved the challenges of their day. By following the examples of those who went before us, we can identify false teachings that caused a fractured and divided Body of Christ. This can help us solve division problems on earth today. Additionally, we can also delve into the impact of individual perspectives, interpretation and culture that fragments the Body of Christ. The single issue -stand alone, one-man led, leave me alone model… I do my thing and you do your thing. Only let us be called by the name of the LORD.

The Holy Scriptures does not support the single issue-stand alone model. This is why BSSN is calling for a global Christian model that’s rooted in the Scriptures. So, we can identify and solve spiritual and social challenges facing community churches of common origin.

A truly united global Christian community is a just cause if you’ve been seeking ways to overcome these challenges.