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Welcome to Home Fellowship System International – The church in the Home of your Heart in your natural habitat – John 14:23

Walking towards IMMORTALITY with a single vision.

HFS International welcomes you to a new and living way of worship with practical knowledge, advice, and support that we are building for people of genuine faith in Christ and those without faith, and helping believers to understand the necessity to walk in the single vision of IMMORTALITY instead of each church following the particularities of her own vision, identity and values.

HFS International – along with recognised partners on this website – is your home for a spiritual journey towards achieving the immortality our Lord Jesus Christ promised the believers as he walked on earth and showed the world His divine origin by many infallible proofs. As the LORD abolished spiritual death through the light of the Good News, the HFS International leadership believes it is our devotional duty of care to bring as many people as possible to the five- fold ministry gifts (graces) operating and building one local church together in every city with a single vision of immortality and not one man led local vision-ministry. So, we  can pursue and enter into the collective experience of an established kingdom of heaven on earth and Immortality.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” (John 11:26) He left all of us to choose for ourselves – our own souls – and HFS International is working day and night to help more and more people not only become deserving of this spiritual immortality but also become agents of this divine transformation in the lives of others who are your neigbours.

When you become an associate member and full member you become part of the HFS family and most of all become part of the universal Body of Christ. You fully learn the purpose of Divine Order, the powerful Transitional Transformation, and uncover the secrets to how we can establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Let’s do it together. Let’s give our souls the immortality they yearn for and help others achieve this as well.


The home of your spiritual vision and mission.

what the Single Vision / the divine order can help us achieve

Spiritual Perfection / Ultimate Resurrection / Glorification / Immortality.

  1. Preservation of whole Spirit, Soul and Body, blameless.
  2. A reduced impact of the fall in the church and the world.
  3. The Restoration of the Divine Plan
  4. The Restoration of the Divine Order in community churches.
  5. Common Vision with Churches of Common Origin.
  6. Common Mission with Churches of Common Origin.
  7. Restoration of Divine Governemnt
  8. Recreate a non denominational spiritual movement
  9. Builds the Church as a living organism (Ecosystem)
  10. Well Structured and fully operational and integrated organisation.
  11.  The rebirth of One Holy Nation.
  12. Witness the Transitional transformation
  13. An Established heavenly Kingdom on earth.
  14. Church without artificial boundaries.
  15. Inward peace and Quell rebellion in Church.
  16. Leadership sysnergy
  17. Facilitates solution to spiritual division.
  18. Unity of the Faith
  19. A clear view of the House of pure Gold and  the house of clay.
  20. An end to sectarian Gospel work and its practices- I’m for Paul, I’m for Appolos
  21. Spiritual Balance
  22. Minimise competition among community Churches of common origin.

Way of life

Believing in the Divine Order and applying it into our lives triggers a transformation in our relationships and builds a solid foundation upon which to make decisions and lead our lives.


Understanding the Divine Order requires study and practice focused on the arthur and finisher of our faith, His teachings on death to self -earth life or self denial, training of the recreated spirit, examination of dead works, understanding living works or the righteous acts of the saints, examination of faith or beliefs, self-development and attaining maturity.

Please note, no one individual commitment to these cause, can practice Home Fellowship System on their own without a thorough understanding of the tenets of HFS including the Holy Spirit inputs from another of the same kind.

what you can do now

  1. Learn about the Divine Order, recognise the truth that you need to adopt the Divine Order principles and teachings.
  2. Share the Divine Order teachings and perspectives with your friends, family and Christian leaders and adopt Divine Order principles in worship, fellowship, and in daily conduct.
  3. Recognise and repent of false teachings and practices and put into practice the Divine Order principles and methods.
  4. Study the Bible and use HFS study and daily living resources to broaden and deepen your understanding and faith journey.
  5. Become an Associate Member of HFS International