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Welcome to BSSN community!

The work of our foundation is dedicated to Building Spiritual and Social capacity for individuals and Christians around the world.

Apart from building capacity to support BSSN initiatives, our work is not just about Us but about you. We are also, keen to know your purpose in order to provide support where our strength lies and empower and strengthen communities, and unite believers in their pursuit of a deeper relationship with God.

Through our shared faith and commitment, we aim to encourage individuals to seek the LORD as to how He would like to advance the spirituality of the Good News and establish His kingdom. We do not have all the answers as regards divine forms and patterns for growing Christ in man but through the help of the Holy Spirit, we can write the vision and make it plain. So, whoever reads might take the correct message and run the Christian race alongside others or another of the same king, not aimlessly or fight like a boxer beating the air during training sessions …


At BSSN, we believe in the power of a united Christian community. We recognize that as believers, we are called to live in one accord and speak with one voice. Our purpose is to facilitate the building of spiritual support networks that  foster spiritual growth organically, encouragement, and connection among Christians worldwide by a common spiritual framework.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to see a global Christian community thriving in its spiritual journey as described in the Holy Scriptures. We envision believers equipped with the necessary tools, resources, and support to fulfil their God-given purpose and live out their faith in a transformative way. By building capacity within individuals and communities, we seek to contribute to the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.