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Building Spiritual Support Network -BSSN

There is a strong recommendation for BSSN activities and initiatives. Some of the BSSN Foundation’s causes, such as how to identify and respond to spiritual and social challenges faced by community churches, have been neglected in many cases. There are only a few organizations involved in addressing these issues.

Our overarching goal at the BSSN Foundation is to establish the kingdom, so we have kept the balance between BSSN Causes that would help us achieve that, without limiting what BSSN can do today and tomorrow for its beneficiaries.

As mentioned, BSSN work areas including activities and initiatives have suffered neglect. Only a few individual Christian organisations are working on addressing the spiritual challenges affecting community churches.

As resources permit and given an appropriate level of investment in human resources and technology, research shows our causes are not only compelling but highly likely to be very impactful to many as it is not just about the compelling reasons for the causes but  HOW God wants these needs to be addressed.

In BSSN Foundation, the how, the method, the pattern and the means of delivering the programmes and projects of the foundation is by ‘Building Spiritual and Social Support Network’ as a partnership framework that establishes strategic partnerships with individuals who are spiritually mature and possess the relevant prophetic vision and experiences required to deal with the spiritual state including the challenges facing all community churches of common origin. This might seem to be one of the most difficult conundrums for expert Gospel subject teachers. 

Therefore, focusing on establishing the kingdom of heaven becomes possible when spiritual challenges are addressed.

On Building Social Support Network- BSSN, partnering with organizations specialising in our causes like poverty reduction, community engagement and development, and social services to leverage expertise and resources are useful.

BSSN partnership framework facilitates the development of a multifaceted program that combines inspiration (motivation, awareness, and education), restrictive intervention (emergency relief, basic needs provision), empowerment (skill development, vocational training), and integration – community engagement and social inclusion.

Through the Board of Trustees, Advisory Committee, Project Manager, supporters, volunteers, and Team BSSN, our workforce is more resourceful to deliver on the BSSN causes.

The development of an appropriate internal capabilities with a planned approach to support partnership framework is essential to our growth. This helps the foundation to build and maintain appropriate partnering skills to tackle skill shortages.

Our spiritual programmes run through Home Fellowship System International and BSSN Chapel Education.


  • Advancing the Spirituality of the Good news mainly but not exclusively, by means of the provision of public worship and supporting the Shepherd’s fold activities.


  • Reducing the rate of Marriage Crises and  Divorce


  • Finding solution to Spiritual and Social Challenges


  • Reducing relative, situational, and abject poverty


  • Provision of Private and Devotional Chapel Education


  • Sponsors Research and undertakes research.


  • BSSN Audio-Visuals