Chapel Education

• Public
• Private
• Devotional Chapel

Delivered By HFS Academy

Non-Formal Education

• Non-formal educational support activities
• Student work placement programme
• Organising student exchange programmes
• Local / foreign student hosting
• Student agent

– Delivered By Professional Mentors and our partners

Informal Education – BSSN Academy

HFS International

HFS International welcomes you to a new and living way of worship with practical knowledge, advice, and support that we are building for people of genuine faith in Christ and those without faith.

Community Churches

We welcome you to our growing family of Christian believers and churches seeking God’s grace to live in one accord, learning to speak with one voice, and spreading the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We are passionate about telecoms technology and use it to get the Biblical message out to the world! As the media branch of BSSN International, our sole objective at BSSN Media is to help the Foundation deliver its noble message to the growing number of born-again Christians and people interested in learning Christianity as it was in the first century.

BSSN International

If you are a person who believes in being part of a community of earnest, well-meaning individuals with a variety of skills that they help each other use to make a living without avarice, envy, or any other spiritual diseases common in the modern economy, you have come to the right place.